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“I did” instead of “I will”

I hate to be yet another self proclaimed Procrastinator but I do have quite a bit of trouble writing unless I am given a deadline.  Once I do manage to write something I always doubt the quality, clarity and effectiveness of what I have written.  I question the style and various grammatical errors I know I made, either by typing too fast or due to my own blissful ignorance.  This fear causes me to hesitate before clicking on Publish and I end up clicking on Save Draft instead.  That way I can agonize over whether or not to publish later on, whenever I find time.  Despite my busy schedule.  I can always find an excuse to hold off a little longer.

The challenge to post once a week is intriguing since I think I will learn more by writing more.  Grammar Nazis do your worst, I can take it and I do appreciate the criticism I will no doubt be receiving.  Especially when I am the one who is undeniably in the wrong.  I can’t argue that the only way to write more is to actively start writing more.  So even if it is flawed and written at 2:00 am, I will do my best.  Saying I will when I know I won’t has grown old, now is the time for me to replace I will with I did.

I hope to recieve encouragement and motivation from anyone who takes the time to read my blog and I intend to read other blogger’s posts to pass on the encouragement and kudos for striving to write more.

And so it begins…


One response

  1. Professor Freakenstein

    It is always difficult to create a viable schedule unless you force yourself to cram some parts of the idea you want. Just keep at it and make mistakes, we all do and in the end, we improve. Good stuff!

    March 18, 2011 at 5:41 am

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