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Raise a little Hell

Dallas Green will be releasing his much anticipated album Little Hell on June 7th.  An interesting title that indicates the little hells and little heavens we all experience when involved in a relationship. Green has developed a devout fan base performing solo under the alias, City and Colour, while balancing various projects as frontman for Alexisonfire.  The album’s tracklist and several songs have already been released on Youtube creating a stir amongst eager fans.  The follow up album to 2008’s Bring Me Your Love will definitely quench his parched fan base, who have been patiently waiting for new music from Green as if they were suffering from dehydration and Green was their sole source of filtered water. This time around, his sound seems more experimental using electronic guitars on more uptempo songs, instead of his somber, acoustic style but you can still expect his soaring vocals and raw emotions on each track.

Recently released tracks include Fragile Bird,Weightless, O’Sister and Sorrowing Man. All can be found online and that seems to be good enough for the time being to satiate Green’s fan base. The popular track, At the Bird’s Foot (which he performed with Tegan and Sara at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto last summer) will sadly, not be included on this album. But it is available on Gasoline Rainbows, an album created by various artists to help salvage the disastrous effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Conscientious, introspective, brooding and intimate Green is a beloved Canadian artist and Juno winner for best alternative album of the year in 2007 and best songwriter of the year in 2009. I predict Little Hell will bring even more success, recognition and awards for Green.  His songs speak to people and touch a part of their soul some may have not ever realized was there.  So many people can relate to his music that it’s not unusual for fans who have just met him to reveal personal stories discussing lost loved ones and heavy topics regarding love, death and struggles.  He just seems like the kind of guy who would be able to empathize and listen with genuine concern.  Despite all his success he remains a humble guy who never seems to take what he has for granted.  In interviews he’s mentioned being approached by fans more now, than when he was singularly known as lead vocalist for Alexisonfire.  Perhaps this is because now his song lyrics are easily discernible and truthful, as opposed to distorted and drowned in a cacophony of instrumental chaos.

Although Green is often perceived as a sad soul, songwriting is actually the source of Green’s happiness.  His words are capable of soothing the distressed, but he doesn’t possess the pretentious airs of someone hoping to become music’s saviour. Success and ambition are not key factors driving him to make more music.  He’s the type that would rather wait and create something that will work its way into people’s hearts and console them when nothing else can.


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