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The Wondrous Woodkid

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Word of mouth is the best way for new musicians to create a cult following. After watching the artistic imagery that French director, Yoann Lemoine used to direct Woodkid’s Iron video, the results are unanimous. This video is a work of art and a triumphant masterpiece meant to be marveled at and admired. This song was simply meant to be seen. Captivating. Genius. Multi-talented. Stunning. Majestic. What more could you possibly ask for?

This music video is so beautifully directed that it overpowers the music as a spectacle to behold.  Shot in black and white, the cinematography uses stop motion and photographic images so striking that I wish I could keep them for myself as prints or perhaps posters. Not everyone may enjoy the laid back tone of Woodkid’s voice but the video is intriguing and you won’t want to tear your eyes away from the screen for one second, just in case you miss a pivotal moment. The video features Agyness Deyn looking fierce as an owl training amazon warrior battling the forces of good and evil.  The imagery is visually dynamic and a viking-inspired epic all at once.  Lemoine claims “my creations are related to subjects such as childhood, absence, nostalgia, sexuality, fashion, symbolism…” Mortality and death are other concepts portrayed in the video which depicts a funeral and ascension into the afterlife.  If there were some back story or graphic novel to further explain what was occurring and why, I’m sure there would be a group of followers waiting to consume every detail.  Besides the beauty of the video, Woodkid is pleasurable listening on it’s own.  Sounds like Damien Rice with a dash of Thom Yorke, precise clean drums, blaring horns and an acoustic/electronic feel.

“Call me a Do-It-Yourselfer” Lemoine instructs, good advice since he literally does it all by himself. The most interesting thing about Woodkid is that the singer/songwriter is none other than Yoann Lemoine.  His triumphant EP release has been garnering much deserved attention and admiration. So even if the video gets more praise than the music itself, Lemoine is the reason behind both the video and music’s success. Not bad for a 27 year old’s attempt to “materialize my emotions regardless of the means.” And the means pose no obstacle when you’re good at everything and seem to possess that Midas touch.



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