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Fostering the need for Feel Good tunes

When I first heard Pumped up Kicks, I went crazy trying to find it on MGMT’s latest album, Congratulations.  I was convinced this must be a hidden track left for fans to discover but to my disbelief it wasn’t.  So I thought maybe it was just a single for a movie or something, but then one day I saw the video and realized this was by a completely different band.  One I had never heard of before, so I did some research and discovered yet another band for me to obsess over this summer.  Their debut album must have been created for the sole purpose of making each Summer day even brighter and more carefree.  Each song just makes you wanna dance and drink excessively, not that you would have to in order to enjoy their songs.  You could listen to them at your own mother’s  funeral and still whistle along, thinking life is short but she had a good life and now she’s in a better place…listening to Foster the People.  It is that good, honest.  Some people may label Foster the People as hipster crap, but the lyrics are genuine and sweet.  Not just meaningless crap that happens to sound good…like so many other guilty pleasures we all keep buried within our stacks of cd’s.  Loving Foster the People is nothing to be embarrassed about.  As a matter of fact, in order to dislike them you would have to be a cynical asshole and cynical assholes aren’t known for having any fun…ever.

Foster the People’s debut album, Torches has become my perfect remedy to kill any misery and depression that I’ve recently experienced, their songs are just so uplifting and catchy you literally want to clap your hands and sing along, forgetting about your to-do lists and responsibilities.  Formed in 2009 this band from L.A. California, happens to sound an awful lot like MGMT but with considerably less LSD running through their veins.  Not quite a psychedelic rock band, Foster the People have an indie sound that’s hard to hate on.  Summer melodies and synthesizers are just too easy to like.  They are ear candy, sweet and addictive. Mark Foster, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink have created the perfect summer album.  Their most popular song is by far, Pumped up kicks but there are so many other great tracks on their album that you really can’t afford to leave that one song on repeat.  I know it’s hard but you must check out other tracks – Waste, I Miss You and I would do anything for you.  The titles may sound cheesy but I assure you the sentiment is sincere.

I have to say if Mark Foster ever decided to become a foster parent, his kids would be the happiest ever listening to this upbeat music.  Not to mention the adolescent girls everywhere who would suddenly wish that they were orphans.  Mark Foster’s good looks and onstage moves are simply too cute to resist.  After performing at SXSW, reviews were incredibly positive, claiming Foster the People were amongst the most memorable bands with a great energy and a charged live performance.

I guess fostering creativity and happiness is what this band was meant to do.


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