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Better than Bieber?

Alright so as uncool as I think Justin Bieber is, there is no denying he has a devout legion of fans who hang on to his every word and drool over every obnoxiously calculated hair flip. I guess he’s an okay kid if somewhat arrogant and pretentious but he’s what the mainstream younger generation wants to listen to.  Despite all the sappy songs and lame hair, his songs are irritatingly catchy and his voice isn’t the worst.  So despite the cheesy unisex perfume he’s currently marketing he has accomplished some good by inspiring hopeful young talent to step up and croon about their own prepubescent angst.

Greyson Chance for example…is the next big web star amongst the younger generation who seem to adore the likes of Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers and so on…Apparently it was his performance of Lady Gaga’s paparazzi played on piano that first warranted any attention. The next thing you know Ellen Degeneres features the little guy on her show and he is embraced by all for his adorable looks and voice.

I think most of these young musicians do have some talent and of course they’re adorable  but many end up a little lost struggling to appear sexy and desirable to an older audience.  But when I heard Greyson Chance I thought here’s a kid worth blogging about.  He’s just so modernized I could hardly believe it and his music is so age appropriate it’s laughable.

My personal favourite is his video for UNFRIEND YOU!!! Honestly just watch it, the way he browses through past relationship photos and angrily slams his overpriced laptop closed as he bemoans the end of his short romance is something everyone can relate to in a society obsessed with Twitter, Facebook and a million other social networks. This video incorporates texting on his iphone, wholesome house parties where they indulge in ping pong and propose cheers with bottles of Coca Cola Classic instead of beers, silly string and hugs instead of  make out sessions and group sex…quite the alternate universe than Katy Perry’s last Friday night.

“So it’s over, Yeah were through!!! So I’m gonna unfriend you, You’re the best liar ever knew so I’m gonna unfriend youuuuu…cause I should’ve known right from the start, that you didn’t have a human heart…” ahhhh so much pain coming from a 14 year old!!! He’s got the pleading puppy dog eyes and wistful smile down pat, you can’t help but laugh and feel bad for him at the same time.  But you really should not feel bad at all, I’m pretty sure this guy is making more money at 14 than most people are at 25.

So bottom line is would I feel compelled to slash my wrists if my 7 year old niece decided to idolize Chance instead of Bieber? No. At least this guy I can stomach. And did I mention he doesn’t say Baby? Okay…well maybe once.


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