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Fostering the Faith! – Sound Academy Oct 1, 2011

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With a steady progression from Lee’s Palace to Mod Club to Sound Academy in less than two years, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a Foster the People performance.  The band has grown in popularity since the release of Kicked Up Pumps on the airwaves and they’ve been enjoying major chart success in rapid succession for an indie pop rock band.    I knew I liked the band since I listened to their album Torches frequently but I was unsure of what a live show would entail.  I pictured a young crowd, sporting head warmers, braces and legwarmers, not my typical crowd but my curiosity outweighed my doubts.  I wanted to see what these guys were capable of.  As a fairly new band I expected a lot of hand clapping, maybe some a cappella, a few jokes between songs, anecdotes and such…I wasn’t really setting the bar too high.

Waiting for the opening bands, Reptar and The Cults to finish up their sets, felt like torture.  Reptar added somewhat to the positive vibes in the beginning but The Cults seemed to be out of their element with soft melodic tunes that reminded me of my Prom…if it were back in the 50s.  I was definitely tempted more than once to give up my spot in the crowd to venture in search of a beer to dull my senses and alleviate my aggravation.  But the thought of fighting my way back into the throng convinced me to stay in my spot and wait…patiently…for what seemed like forever.  Doors opened at 8pm, I arrived around 930 and all around me people were grumbling about how long Foster was taking to come out.

By the time they came onstage at approximately 11pm I was not thrilled.  I thought to myself who did these guys think they were? keeping a crowd of eager fans waiting so long!!! but my anger quickly dissipated as I saw Mark Foster bounce around wielding  a ridiculous light saber and a huge grin on his face.  Any girl would have melted watching  him wave that thing around as if the party had now officially begun.  His signature dance moves were quite quirky and cute, a lot of shoulder shaking with hands by his side, incorporated at times with a running man type strut.  His baby face and charisma definitely kept the show interesting.

The opening track was the perfect choice too! Houdini really got the crowd going, the flashing lights and energy were mesmerizing!  I was thankful no one in the crowd seemed to suffer from epileptic fits or that would have seriously ruined the vibe. Foster did not fail to surprise us with slight variations on each track. His extended bridges, performance of a new ballad, interaction with the crowd, genuine grins, pep talks about life and getting out of ruts and making effective changes were all very uplifting and even inspiring at times.  My favourite part was their amped-up rendition of kicked up Pumps which they saved for the very end.  Mixed with a lil’ dub-step and electro the song sounded brand new for a killer finale.  Luckily I captured the moment on video, since words can’t describe how awesome it was.

So despite a late start I was more than satisfied with their set, Foster the People proved to be a dynamic, feel good Pop-Rock band that are more than worth the wait.


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    Nice job jackie, you have a real skill with words… i Know nothing about this genre of music and still i feel like I’m going to download foster the people. Thanks for the review

    October 28, 2011 at 8:45 pm

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