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Born to Survive – Lana Del Rey

Don’t believe the hype.  Or all the negativity.  People seem to either love or hate Lana Del Rey, there is no in between.  Which is perplexing since her album has not even been officially released yet.  However due to all the media buzz and her uninspiring performance on Saturday Night Live recently, everyone who knows of her existence has either condemned her or embraced her.

Known in the past as Lizzie Grant, people can’t help but question all the sudden attention she has been receiving.  Her coy demeanour in interviews and awkward SNL debut performance brought on a wave of backlash and harsh criticism revolving around the authenticity of her lips and the manufactured image of a Lolita, who ‘must’ be micro-managed to be successful. When questioned about whether she was excited about performing on SNL, Lana replied “Yeah … I’m excited if it goes well. If it doesn’t, I’m gonna kill myself! But yeah, what an honor. And who knows why, but it’s really nice for me.”

Considering how everyone refers to that performance to argue that Lana is an undeserving indie chanteuse, let’s hope she does not wind up in a hospital. For someone who claims to be an introvert all the harsh words must be hard to bear.  Not everyone who can sing was meant to be a performer and people should keep that in mind while listening to Video Games.  It’s a great song to listen to, full of nostalgia and detached loneliness but as a performance piece it can be problematic. Perhaps Lana was stiff and nervous during her performance January 15 on Saturday Night Live, but would we really have preferred her to prance around on stage? Or grind with some back-up dancers to a dubstep remix?

The album is scheduled for release on Jan 30, 2012.  So I’ve been passing the time listening to singles that were released last Summer.  My fascination began as soon as I heard her husky voice singing ‘video games’.  As I watched the video I was entranced by her full pout, fake nails and sultry voice.  The old Hollywood video clips and perfect editing created a sentimental reflection on simpler times.  Originally named Elizabeth Banks, Del Rey is one of those people it’s difficult to tear your gaze away from.  A classic type of quirky beauty that has too many discussing the authenticity of her lips.  She claims surgery was never even an option since prior to all the attention she was living in a trailer barely able to afford cocoa puffs. But aside from her smoldering image, it is the voice that warrants all the attention.  Her languid, lazy drawl lures you in and has been compared to Nancy Sinatra and Velvet Underground’s Nico.

All the ridicule and accusations of Del Rey being nothing but a hyped up fabricated product of a label is  basically a load of cyber bullying.  No matter how badly she may have performed, her album is being received well by critics and she already has fans eagerly waiting to pick it up. She is a legitimately talented young woman with or without her Interscope contract, but only time will tell if this is just a passing infatuation or the beginning of a notable career for another ambitious dreamer who says she loves to sing but could live without all the fame and scrutiny.


One response

  1. Ana

    she is stunning and talented, her SNL performance wasn’t THAT bad…a touch of awkward/quirky is refeshing. Good post Jax..keep sending them

    January 29, 2012 at 12:34 pm

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