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Talk that Talk – Rihanna

When I think of Musical genius, Creative visionaries and Epic talent, Rihanna is not among the first that spring to mind.  But she has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  If anything, she has always been a great entertainer and a major Pop diva and contemporary fashion icon. Yet despite my reluctance to embrace her generic lyrics her songs always seem to get stuck in my mind for days at a time, until I cave and wind up buying her latest album.

It wasn’t until her fourth studio album, Rated R that I felt compelled to buy her CD.  Perhaps it was because of her newly discovered strength and unapologetic nature that I embraced her Good Girl gone Bad image.  After all, who could resist humming along to Umbrella? Whether you were loving it or mocking it, that track became easily identifiable to all.  The added hip hop vibe was much better than the Caribbean princess sound she had going on before. With her rebellious new attitude she gained popularity but her songs were still pretty safe enough to market to pre-teens who loved her.  Rated R was the record that broke her original mold and became a worldwide success certified Platinum.  Even Rolling Stone stated that “Rihanna has transformed her sound and made one of the best pop records of the year.” After all that controversy with Chris Brown, she came out stronger, better and tougher than most people would have believed her capable of. Throughout the overly publicized disaster of her relationship with Brown, Rihanna earned the title of survivor instead of victim.

So gone was the little naïve girl that sang, Pon de replay and out came Disturbia, Hard, Rude boy and Te Amo all songs that were popular but made memorable by videos that gained tons of attention.  The videos were what caught everyone’s attention, images of Rihanna writhing around in barely anything and pouting seems to be the formula for a hit.   So when I purchased Talk that Talk! I was expecting the the usual hits and explosive singles she keeps releasing but then I realized this album is just a little more than i anticipaed. a little more raw, sexy and brash.  For the first time there’s a little Parental Advisory in the left hand corner and a warning of explicit content! Sweet! No more pretending to swear, that was just lame. if you’re going to be vulgar and crude, no need to half ass it.

So this is  first album where you will hear Rihanna singing bout how there “ain’t no other niggas like you” and how she wants to fuck you right now near the end of Birthday Cake.  She does this pretty deceptively with a fade out right after the bold statement into a cheesy love song about how we all need love.  I really thought it was a mistake when I first heard it, and then found it funny when it wasn’t.  Sort of like an instant apology.  Tracks worth listening to on repeat are, You Da One, Drunk on Love (thanks to her use of The XX’s intro), Roc Me Out and Watch and Learn.

Seems like Rihanna’s latest tattoo, Thug Life on her knuckles is to convince herself and fans of her street credibility, still she may be pushing it too far.  No porn video yet though, commendable isn’t it? No one can accuse her of being another Kardashian.


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  1. Awkward moment when your listening to You da one and then you see Rihanna is Da one trending

    January 28, 2012 at 2:32 pm

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