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Even as a little kid, I always knew I wanted to write.  I kept numerous journals, recording memories and how I felt during tumultuous times.  I always tried to capture funny situations and reasons why I found a book or an album so intriguing.  As I grew older, I was encouraged by my teachers, then by my professors to continue writing and pursue a career in journalism.  Now as a 26 year old English Major,  I have decided to create a music inspired blog to share my thoughts and reviews publicly.  Music has always been a passion of mine, so I figure the integration of both worlds made a viable option for me.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to gain feedback from other people.  Those who know me and those who do not.  I just want to improve in any way that I can, so criticism is necessary.  Please feel free to comment on my posts and tell me what you liked, but more importantly what you did not like.  I appreciate any ideas on what I can include to make a blog more interesting.  Whether my writing suffers from too much rambling, or my grammar is incorrect I could always use another eye to point my flaws out.

Thanks in advice for taking the time to read my blog and please don’t hesitate to offer any feedback you feel would be helpful.  I’m hoping this will be a great, learning experience for me.


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  1. Dan

    I’m not big at all, I’m a mostly unknown producer in St Helens, but this doesn’t mean I’m not worth you checking out. I’ve an EP and another free tape coming this year and it’d be nice not to release them to deafening silence. With that in mind I present you with my free mini album Leave Tonight (, worth a listen when no one hot’s brought anything out for a few seconds. This is just a beginning for me to build on and progress, please feel free to help me out and give me a boost to your large(r than my listenership) readership.

    The track I’d recommend most is the closer, Tear Tape (, which sums up what I and the album is about quite neatly. I really, really love music more than anything else, its pretty much all I’m good at too.

    Thanks for reading,

    Anything else you want, just ask. I’m grumpy, but beardless.

    August 28, 2012 at 8:43 pm

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